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Behind the blog. Introducing Daisy. 

I’m running a series here on the blog, called Behind the blog where I’ll be finding out more about some of my favourite bloggers. 

Introducing Daisy…..

Daisy blogs over at

How long have you been blogging for ?

  A little over two years now – I can’t believe how quickly the time has gone.

What inspired you to start blogging?

  I am a big fan of blogs in general, and I always have a lot to say for myself, so I figured a blog was as good an outlet as any!

What do you blog about? 

All kinds of everything – a little bit of plus size fashion, lots of body confidence, family life, reviews and a smidgeon of fat politics.

What’s your favourite social media platform?

  I love Twitter. It’s so accessible and instant. You can jump right in wherever you are and start up or join a conversation. It has given me the opportunity to “talk” to some of my absolute heroes, and I have forged some really strong friendships with people I have “met” on Twitter – some of them I have gone on to actually meet in the flesh – one or two of them I even had serious relationships with – as with anything, Twitter has its faults, but I believe it to be a force for good.

 What blogging aspirations do you have for this year? 

Just to blog more regularly really. For a huge variety of reasons, I did neglect my blog a bit in 2016. I’m hoping to make up for that in 2017. 

Tell me about a blog you love to read..

  Too many to narrow down to one! These are my favourites …  

 Do you blog anonymously? If so why? Do you think you will always remain anonymous? 

No, my name is all over my blog. 

Do you vlog? If not are you considering it?

  I have made a couple of very quick vlogs that I have featured on my blog and yes, I hope to do more. I have no idea who will want to watch me, but I would like to get my body confidence workshops online so they are accessible.

What’s you’re favourite post that you’ve written?

  Possibly this one? Not sure!!

Do you write other than on your blog?

  Yes, since September I have been writing for She Might Be magazine. It’s a brilliant project to be part of – an amazing team of kick ass women – I am very proud of our output.  

 What advice would you give to a new blogger or anyone trying to grow their blog?  

Do it for yourself. Don’t feel like you have to follow anyone else’s rules. Find your own style. Let us hear YOUR voice.

Where you can find Daisy: 

Instagram: @daisyhollands


Twitter : @MissInformed11 @SmocksApologies @shinesunbeams

Thank you for taking part Daisy. 

If you would like to take part in Behind the blog drop me an email at 


let me know if you have any thoughts on this post.

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